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Dan Stribling

Sleep Coach & Certified Hypnotherapist

I struggled with insomnia for years. It wasn’t until I looked into sleep hypnosis that I finally resolved nearly a decade of insomnia. 

It was this experience that actually led to me becoming a hypnotherapist and sleep coach.

I’ve learned that the biggest enemy of healthy sleep isn’t stress and anxiety themselves; it’s pressure which can lead to those things. As such, my approach is to take the pressure off completely and that’s how we see results.

Why choose us?

Personal Experience

I experienced almost a decade of insomnia myself, so I know what it feels like. I know what helps sleep and what causes unnecessary pressure.

Individual Programs

Everyone is different and has different needs regarding sleep. My programs are the only ones of their kind in Australia: specifically tailored to resolve sleep issues.


I stand by the fact that my programs work. If you commit to following your program completely, you will achieve those same results.

What Clients Are Saying:

Martine Kowalski
Martine Kowalski
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Amazing experience! The hypnosis was so powerful and effective and I couldn’t recommend Dan more highly.
Mikey Wulff
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I didn't come into hypnotherapy lightly as I was really struggling with finding a restful night sleep and an escape from my night terrors and cramping. Through a lot of hard work, repetition and guidance from Dan at absolutely any point I needed to send a message or ask a question, I can honestly say I've been able to feel the results I have been searching for in my sleep and have the tools to move on with my life with the trust I deserve in my sleep. Absolutely so grateful to Dan for this. Thanks again!
Forreste Lee
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Wow I actually haven't stopped smiling since I left my hypnotherapy session with Dan. He was really able to hold the space to allow me to relax and feel calm. It was such a beautiful journey and I felt like I truly expanded and let go of my negative perspectives in a really comfortable way. I feel a lot more confident now, and have already created change in my life with this new found clarity and sense of worthiness. I am really, really grateful, and I'll be back Dan 🙂
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I’ve been seeing Dan to help me overcome some emotional barriers in regard to my health & fitness. I had a very serious & life threatening illness 12 months ago & needed to reset my mindset. I now feel that I’m back into a healthy routine & on track towards a full recovery. I highly recommend him
Nicola Scruby
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I saw Dan from East Brisbane Hypnosis and was blown away by how much he helped me. When I first saw Dan I had been suffering with quite a bit of death anxiety. I was originally a sceptic of hypnotherapy but was recommended to Dan by an acquaintance. In each session, we touched on potential triggers (emotions/events throughout my lifetime) & each hypnosis session left me feeling more and more relaxed & in control of my thoughts. Dan is attentive and really cares about his clients. I received meditations & exercises to complete outside of my sessions, and the whole process was extremely beneficial for my mental health. I still use his strategies on a daily basis and feel like I have full control over my thoughts & feelings. Thank you for such an amazing experience Dan! Nicola

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What Can We Help With?


Weight Loss


Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnosis can help with such a variety of issues, that it would almost be more worthwhile to list what it can’t help with. The following is a list of some of the common issues that clients seek help with:

– Sleep issues (both getting to, and staying, asleep),
– Stopping smoking,
– Weight loss,
– Adherence to diet and fitness plans,
– Stress,
– Fear of flying,
– Fear of death,
– Specific phobias relating to objects, other people or events,
– Lack of confidence in social situations,
– Difficulties with public speaking,
– Improving performance in a particular aspect of their life (such as at work or in a sport),
– Sexual issues,
– Addiction to drugs or alcohol (or other addictive substances),
– Removal of bad habits (like nail biting, for instance),
– Pain control (note that this is not something I specialise in and I would recommend seeking help from someone who does).

It differs, depending on the issue you’re seeing me for and which session of the program it is but, generally speaking, they’re between 60 and 90 minutes.

Just one.
My programs are generally between 2 and 8 sessions, but results will be noticed after the first session. The whole program should be treated as pieces of a puzzle as the techniques used will be quite different in each session.
By the time your program has finished and you’ve seen me a number of times, you’ll have experienced a real and lasting change.
Some clients come to see me with multiple issues (smoking and weight loss, or insomnia and weight loss, for instance) and that means the program will be a bit longer. However, the results will still be just as good.
Yes, it really does.
Hypnosis has a long history and has been used for thousands of years in different forms. It actually has an incredibly high rate of success, far greater than more ‘traditional’ types of therapy. A 2001 study by the University of Washington School of Medicine found that hypnosis for quitting smoking has a 90.6% success rate.
Another study, by the University of Conneticut, involved researchers analysing 18 studies comparing a cognitive behavioral therapy such as relaxation training, guided imagery, self monitoring, or goal setting with the same therapy supplemented by hypnosis.
Those who received the hypnosis lost more weight than 90 percent of those not receiving hypnosis and maintained the weight loss two years after treatment ended. There are so many more studies which find similar results. It’s a fact – hypnosis is scientifically proven to get fantastic results.
To put it simply, hypnosis is all about following instructions. If you can allow yourself to follow instructions, you can be hypnotised. End of story. You might have heard or seen the phrase “all hypnosis is self-hypnosis”.
This is very true, and it explains how being hypnotised is all down to you allowing yourself to go into trance.
Hypnosis feels somewhat similar to meditation, and is just a very deep form of relaxation. It feels a bit like that moment in the morning when you’re not quite awake, but not quite asleep either.
You may feel a little drowsy, you might feel some tingling sensations in your muscles or limbs and, personally, I often feel a really nice warmth flow through me.
You’ll be fully aware of what I’m saying, and you’ll remember it afterwards. You’ll always be in control and you can bring yourself out of trance at any time.

You won’t generally “feel” like you’ve been hypnotised; hypnosis just feels like a very deep state of relaxation. At no point will you go from being relaxed to suddenly being in trance, it’s a very gradual process and you’ll just become more and more relaxed.

Absolutely not. The great thing about hypnosis is that you will only accept suggestions that you want to and that are agreeable to you. If a hypnotherapist tried to tell you to hurt someone, for instance, you would not accept the suggestion as the idea of doing that would be unacceptable to you.
However, if the hypnotherapist suggests that you feel more relaxed, that is a perfectly acceptable suggestion that your unconscious mind would (presumably) be willing to allow.
Hypnosis is essentially a relaxation technique whereby the practitioner makes certain suggestions to the client in order to have them gradually relax. Once the practitioner is comfortable that the relaxation is deep enough, they will then make positive suggestions to the client’s subconscious mind, so that those suggestions will then be accepted.
Hypnosis is a gradual process and anyone who can follow instructions can be hypnotised.
I hear this from time to time and you would probably think that this is a real red flag for a hypnotist. However, that’s just not the case for me.
The fact is, your perceived experience of a previous hypnotic trance will have no bearing on your success with me. Without wishing to sound arrogant, there are good and bad hypnotists out there. A good hypnotist is never going to be scared off by a person who believes their past hypnosis didn’t work. It’s likely that there was something holding you back when you were last hypnotised (which the hypnotist wasn’t able to recognise).
I utilise multiple different techniques and it can be a case of working out what works best for a particular client. Once you find that technique, the results will come. Whether you’ve seen a hypnotist in the past or not should have no bearing whatsoever on your success with me.
By chance, really.
I was always a skeptic of anything to do with mindfulness/meditation/hypnotherapy until I was at University and had incredibly bad sleep issues. I started meditation at the recommendation of a doctor, and that started my interest in that side of things.
Although the sleep issues didn’t get much better (and over time got even worse), I kept meditating every day while I was working in the financial services. I worked for quite some time within that industry and my sleep was still terrible. I tried all sorts of different things to fix the issues and nothing really worked until I went to see a hypnotherapist on a whim.
I thought “what have I got to lose” and so I went along and had incredible results. I was so excited by this and started to develop a real interest and, eventually, a passion for hypnotherapy that’s led to me becoming qualified as a hypnotherapist.

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