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Resolve Your Insomnia

Which Type of Insomniac Are You?

The Slow Starter

People in this category often:

  • Take more than 30-45 minutes to get to sleep,
  • Have generalised (or specific) anxiety, although often not,
  • Ruminate on the events of that day,
  • Worry about the next day,
  • Try many different things to help them to sleep,
  • Start the day feeling groggy and listless.

The Waker-Upper

People in this category often:

  • Have little or no trouble getting to sleep,
  • Wake up after a few hours,
  • Struggle to get back to sleep,
  • Lie in bed for hours, waiting for sleep to come again,
  • End up taking a sleep-aid (pill or supplement) to get some sleep,
  • Start the day feeling just as groggy and listless as the Slow Starter.

The Up and Downer

People in this category often:

  • Have little or no trouble getting to sleep,
  • Wake up after a few hours,
  • Get back to sleep quickly,
  • Wake up again, fall asleep again, repeat,
  • Feel like they haven’t achieved deep sleep,
  • Start the day frustrated that their sleep quality was poor.

What Makes This Program Different?


Over 90% of my clients see me for an issue related to their sleep and my success rate is also over 90%. This program has been perfected over a number of years and it just works. It’s sleep-aid-free (no melatonin, sleeping pills etc) and it teaches you how to sleep well naturally. I see most clients for around 3 to 4 sessions, which is a testament to how quickly my clients achieve results.

Sleep Audit

A full audit of your sleep, with recommendations to help give your mind the best opportunity to achieve restful sleep. This audit is based on my personal experiences with insomnia and my work with countless insomniacs. This isn’t just the typical “sleep hygiene” a well-meaning GP might advise you to try. These are proven psychological changes that are applied to your specific situation, with the intention being to have you feel much more relaxed at bedtime.

Releasing Pressure

Chances are, you’ve been to a GP and/or some form of therapist to resolve the issue and they might have had you start observing some sleep hygiene principles. I’m guessing it might feel like there’s even more pressure on you to sleep and it’s potentially frustrating you even more. This program is solely focused on relieving that pressure.

Insider Knowledge

I’ve been where you are and have experienced many years of insomnia until hypnotherapy resolved it. I tried countless other techniques and “solutions” in the past that failed to improve things, so I know what helps and hurts sleep and I’ll coach you throughout the process, to ensure no stone is left unturned. I know how you feel right now and I can promise that you can get things back to normal.

Personalised Sessions

Every person is different and has varying needs. All sessions are tailored to a client’s particular issue, their interests and their capabilities. I can also teach you self-hypnosis, so that you can use this tool long after you’ve finished seeing me.

Guided Meditation

A guided meditation recording specific to your situation, to help you relax more deeply and become more familiar with my approach. Clients often enjoy listening to these recordings long after their program has finished.

I struggled with insomnia for years. It was incredibly frustrating as I constantly felt exhausted, having woken up countless times during the night. I tried all sorts of things to resolve it. I followed all the advice of ‘experts’ and doctors about sleep hygiene and even tried transcendental meditation.

While these things probably helped to an extent (and I still meditate every day), they didn’t fully resolve the insomnia. In addition to my issues with waking up during the night, I couldn’t ever sleep without ear plugs and could only sleep on my left side.

Needless to say, this doesn’t lead to a very relaxing sleep. And sleep is so incredibly important in all aspects of your life. If you don’t start the day well with a deep and relaxing sleep, how can you expect to function at your best during the day?

It wasn’t until I looked into sleep hypnosis that I finally resolved nearly a decade of insomnia with hypnotherapy. It was this experience that actually led to me becoming a hypnotherapist and sleep coach. That’s why this particular issue is so close to my heart and I’m now devoting my professional life to helping others resolve their sleeping issues.

It’s my opinion, and the scientific evidence backs it up, that hypnotherapy resolves insomnia like no other therapy or approach seems to. It’s that impressive. 

Sleep hypnosis works easily and effortlessly in such a short space of time, that other therapies can’t compete. I can usually resolve sleeping issues within a few sessions, and can help you make permanent change. As someone who has experienced sleeping issues, I can also help you with post-session changes you can make in your life to promote better sleep.

My program is different to other hypnotherapy (or sleep therapy, for that matter) programs in that I focus on permanently changing the way you think about your sleep. The key is giving you back the utter confidence that you’ll become a good sleeper again and continue to sleep well long after you’ve seen me.

Some clients that come to see me have had sleep issues for a number of years and might have tried a number of different things to fix the problem. Other clients might have only recently developed sleep issues and feel helpless to resolve them. They’ve possibly been to a GP to get help and maybe they’ve been prescribed sleeping pills or melatonin to help them sleep.

Sleeping pills are not the answer though – they’re a temporary (highly-ineffective and potentially dangerous) band-aid. The answer is changing your mindset and getting back complete confidence in your ability to sleep.

So what are you waiting for? How many more sleepless nights will it take for you to want to make the change? 

Get in touch now and take back control of your sleep.

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